Poppy and Her Puppies

Elijah has shown a tremendous interest in puppy dogs lately and since we can't get him a real one, I've decided to make him the next best thing; some stuffed puppies of his own. I've ordered the Audrey and Maude pattern Poppy and Her Puppies. There's a pattern for a mama dog, her cute little puppies and for a cozy bed for them to sleep on. I haven't decided if I will wait for a special occasion to give the little doggies to Elijah or if this will be a "just because" gift. Anyway, I've included sample pictures from Audrey and Maude's blog of their finished creations. I'll post pictures of my own creations when I've finished them. I'm planning to go to the Top Stitch tomorrow to purchase some fun prints for this project. Woof!

Thomas the Tank Engine

I stitched up this little piece for Elijah this week. I am going to have it made into an Christmas ornament for this coming Christmas (2010). I want to start a tradition of stitching an ornament each Christmas for my children. I am planning to stitch a duck for this past Christmas (2009)and then a Baby's 1st Christmas ornament for 2008. I figure it's early enough to get caught up. Each year I will try to pick a pattern that represents something Elijah was interested in that particular year. I am also planning to stitch a Baby's 1st Christmas 2010 for our new baby due in May. It may seem a little early to be stitching Christmas things but with so many stitching goals for 2010 and a new baby on the horizon, I figure it's better to get an early start.

Quaker Casket Work in Progress 6

These are pictures of my work on the front panel of the Quaker Casket. I started this on Monday and I'm almost finished. I've put my initials and those of my husband, son and new baby due in May to personalize it and make this project family heirloom material. I've also added in some motifs from other places in the pattern to fill in empty spaces. I think it's turning out well.

Quaker Casket Work in Progress 5: Second Side Panel Finish

I finished the second side panel tonight(Wednesday)! Two pieces down; three to go! The other three pieces are considerably larger and feature more motifs than the two side panels so I anticipate much longer finishing times for them than for the side panels.

Quaker Casket Work in Progress 4

I started stitching the second side panel tonight (Tuesday). I would like to finish it in the next couple of days and move on to the three larger pieces of the project.

Quaker Casket Work in Progress 3: Side Panel Finish

I finished one of the side panels for the casket this afternoon. This was very fun and relaxing to stitch and I can't wait to begin the other side panel.

Quaker Casket Work In Progress 2

This is my progress as of Sunday night. I hope to finish this side panel in the next couple of days.

Quaker Casket Work In Progress 1

I started stitching one of the side panels of the casket tonight. The picture quality is poor but I thought I'd share it anyway. I'm already enjoying this piece. I'd forgotten how much I love the feeling of silk thread. It took my eyes a little while to adjust to the fine stitch count (36 over 2), but with some added light in my stitching area and some time, they became used to it. This is the first time I can recall that I had any kind of trouble seeing the holes in the linen; my eyes must be getting weaker. Time to invest in one of the those magnifying devices that you clip on your frame? We'll see....

Quaker Casket

I’ve decided my big cross-stitching project for 2010 is going to be the Quaker Casket by Sampler Cove Designs. I fell in love with this piece last year and have been dreaming about stitching it for a while. I went to Haberdashery yesterday and today and purchased the pattern and enough linen and silk thread to get started. I chose Puritan Blue silk thread by Crescent Colors to work the casket in. Last year I fell in love with Crescent Color’s Ocean Tide and used it to stitch With My Needle’s Quaker Schoolgirl Needle Necessities. I decided for the casket I wanted a little lighter blue color and when I saw Puritan Blue it seemed just about perfect. I chose 36 count Light Examplar linen by Lakeside Linens to stitch this lovely piece on. It has a deliciously warm, creamy color and I absolutely love it! Stay tuned for progress pictures….

Lazy Sewing Days

I’ve begun piecing together the quilt top of the I Spy quilt I’ve been planning to make for Elijah. I’ve decided that this particular project will be my in-between-projects project for this year; something I work on when I don’t have anything else to do. Ultimately, I’d like to have it finished in time for Christmas 2010 and that date seems like a reasonable goal now, but ask me again in May and I may be singing a different song. There is something very therapeutic about pressing, pinning, and sewing little, brightly colored and patterned fabric squares together. The lack of a pressing deadline, I’m sure, also contributes to the therapeutic quality of the activity and I’ve found myself relaxed and content with the process.