Quaker Casket

I’ve decided my big cross-stitching project for 2010 is going to be the Quaker Casket by Sampler Cove Designs. I fell in love with this piece last year and have been dreaming about stitching it for a while. I went to Haberdashery yesterday and today and purchased the pattern and enough linen and silk thread to get started. I chose Puritan Blue silk thread by Crescent Colors to work the casket in. Last year I fell in love with Crescent Color’s Ocean Tide and used it to stitch With My Needle’s Quaker Schoolgirl Needle Necessities. I decided for the casket I wanted a little lighter blue color and when I saw Puritan Blue it seemed just about perfect. I chose 36 count Light Examplar linen by Lakeside Linens to stitch this lovely piece on. It has a deliciously warm, creamy color and I absolutely love it! Stay tuned for progress pictures….

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