Waldorf Doll: More Progress

Here is the head of Elijah's Waldorf doll covered in "skin". The skin is made from high quality cotton tricot. I must admit I had a lot of confusion and difficulty with this step in the pattern I'm following because the "skin" was initially almost impossible to stretch over the top of the head and I began to think that I'd made a huge mistake (definitely not the first time it's happened!). Fortunately, after some prayers(thank you Lord), many tries and an extra set of hands to hold the head (thank you Hubby), I managed to squeeze the inner head into the "skin". I still need to sew the top opening(it looks a little like the doll has horns) to the top of the head, and then I'll be ready to give the little tyke some facial features. I plan to take my project to The Top Stitch on Tuesday for a little extra help and guidance from Carri ( the owner of The Top Stitch, an accomplished seamstress and wonderful sewing teacher). I was blessed to be able to take sewing lessons from Carri last year and think she is great. She is friendly,extremely patient and very knowledgeable. I am excited for Tuesday!

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