Waldorf Doll

I’ve decided to make Elijah a Waldorf style doll for Christmas. I’ve been interested in Waldorf dolls for a long time but only just recently have felt comfortable enough with my sewing skills to attempt to create one myself. There are many places that sell high-quality handmade Waldorf dolls but they are expensive (usually $100 bucks plus) and I really like the idea of making one myself; one that isn’t perfect, but made and given with lots of love.
Waldorf dolls are made using natural materials like wool and cotton. They are soft and simple, encouraging a child to use his or her imagination. They usually contain an inner head, made from tubular stocking, wool and strong thread which then is covered by an outer cotton “skin”. The doll’s facial expression is usually left neutral to allow a child to imagine different emotions.
I recently purchased a kit to make Elijah one of these dolls from Dancing Rain Dolls. Dancing Rain Dolls is a home-based business located in Port Orchard, Washington. They sell custom dolls, patterns, kits and supplies to make these special dolls. Because this is my first doll, I decided to go with the simplest kit they offer: Baby Bundles. Although the doll itself will be neither grand, nor especially beautiful (in my opinion), I am looking forward to making it for Elijah and hope that he will enjoy playing with it.
Recently, while visiting some friends, Elijah picked up a baby doll they had for their boys. He brought it over to me and said “baby” and then proceeded to cuddle and love on it. I am hoping such will be the case with Baby Bundles. Wish me luck on my doll-making journey.

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